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The Most Interesting Coffee Beverage I Have Ever Had

Goodmorning guys!

Everytime I travel, I like to seek out a unique coffee shop.  I find that I enjoy some of the most amazing coffee beverages in those places- coffee beverages I cannot get at a typical Starbucks.  I traveled to Missouri this past weekend for a mini-vacation and stumbled upon a coffee shop by the name of Onyx Coffee Lab.  The name in and of itself sounded intriguing, so of course I ventured inside.  Their trendy-chic atmosphere was right up my alley.

I was in the mood for something iced, so I asked for the most interesting item on the menu.  This is what I got:

Screenshot 2015-09-29 08.00.33

Say hello to the “coffee phosphate.”  This incredible beverage involves a multi-step process with quite a few ingredients.  This is what was put in to it:


*Vanilla Syrup

*Acid Phosphate


*Queen Espresso

*Orange Oil Aromatics 

My first sip put an instant smile on my face.  Have you ever had one of those dark chocolate oranges (the one you smash into wedges) during the holiday season?  Well, if you have, imagine mixing that with club soda and a hint of espresso.  It tasted magnificent.  If only I lived in Missouri!  I would frequent that coffee shop more than I probably should.

Evidently, this drink goes back hundreds of years so ONYX Coffee Labs decided to add it to their seasonal menu as a sort of tribute to the history of coffee beverage making.

Here is a video of the coffee lab making their drink: