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An Alternative to a Coffee Buzz

Good morning/ early afternoon everyone!!  I absolutely love coffee.  I find myself searching out a Starbucks at least once a day.  While that fantastic cup of goodness definitely gets me going in a BIG way, I’m starting to feel like I am overdoing it a little bit.  I wanted to find a drink that would get me going in the morning… without the coffee jitters and the small crash later on.  After spending a couple of hours researching a great and healthy way to get myself truckin in the morning, I found a winner!!!

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I am sure you are wondering what this is… so let me explain!  I am now making a cocktail composed of one bottle of spring water, one heaping tablespoon of chia seeds, and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.  It may look and sound relatively unappetizing, but bear with me here.  Did you know that chia seeds provide you with a whopping 10 grams of fiber per ounce?  That is about HALF of what you need for an entire day.  In addition, they are loaded with Omega 3’s… 8 times that of a 6oz. cut of salmon!!  Crazy, huh?  Talk about doing wonders for your skin.  Did I mention they are gluten free?  It also has FIVE times more calcium than milk and SEVEN times more Vitamin C than an orange.  For those of you needing a lot of iron in your diet, chia also boasts THREE times the amount of iron compared to spinach.  Why stop there?  The chia seed also had twice the amount of potassium per serving compared to a banana. To put it simply, this seed is a miracle food (to me at least).

Now lets move on to the apple cider vinegar.  (I will warn you that this taste does take a little while to get used to.  I have been drinking this for two weeks now and am finally getting to the point where I actually enjoy the beverage.)  Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries by doctors, health conscious individuals, athletes, and many others for the vast array of benefits it provides.  Let me just say that, while I originally started adding this to the spring water and chia in the morning for energy, I have also gotten an amazing added bonus.  I will get into that in a minute.  This is what I learned about fatigue and why ACV is so good for combating that and keeping energy levels up:

One of the MAIN reasons fatigue occurs is because of the lactic acid build up in our bodies from all of the movement we do, whether it be running errands, working out, or even balancing a hefty work load at the office.  ACV is filled with natural enzymes that help balance out this lactic acid in our bodies.  The potassium from the chia seeds and the ACV then work to give us that great energy boost.  Guys, let me tell you, I will not start my morning without this anymore.  I. Feel. Fantastic.  The energy is more subtle, but my mind feels incredibly clear and I remain focused for much of my day with whatever it is I am working on.

Remember when I said I got an added benefit from drinking this?  Well, the benefit is one that is the massive cherry on the cake that I’ve already baked by using this.  My skin is GLOWING.  I have been suffering from minor hormonal acne on my jawline and chin, and after only two weeks, it is 95% GONE.  The 5% is because I have one stubborn little thing that is getting smaller by the day… but everything else is gone.  I could not be happier.  ACV is known to be a great PH balancer, and this is great for the female system… even those experiencing those hormonal breakouts in their 20’s and 30’s.  So, say you try this out and you hate the taste… but you do have some acne concerns… keep going.  I PROMISE you that if you stick with it every day, things will get a ton better.  Let me just disclose that I also eat a very healthy diet… so if you are loading on up processed foods and sugar every day… the ACV drink may not be your cure-all.


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